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The GBWC Rules
  • The model must be created using plastic model original kits made by BANDAI.

  • Limit of one entry per person. (If both web and carry-in entries are available at your location, please choose only one.)

  • The model must be made by the entrant.

  • The model must be in dimensions no larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm. (19.68in x 19.68in x 19.68in)

  • Contestant who join GBWC acknowledge the rules and regulations of the contest.




Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,

Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, France, Vietnam, USA, Canada


 GBWC 2019 will be held starting in May 2019 in each country/region.
* Canadian National Competition will end August 31, 2019 including online entry.

Awards Ceromony will be held in December 8th at Gundam Base Tokyo

* After the ceromony, finalist's model kits will be exhibited at Gundam Base Tokyo (Exhibition period TBD)


Open Category: Ages 15 and over (Date of birth : Before December 31st, 2004) 

SD Gundam Course: SD Gundam Course will NOT be available in Canada.


The criteria for judging will be its craftsmanship, painting and idea (concept).


Katsumi Kawaguchi (GBWC Executive Committee)

BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Department Judge

Representative of Model Kit Magazine Judge

Secret Judge (will be made public later)


Katsumi Kawaguchi (GBWC Executive Committee)


Judges (for AniRevo):

PLAMOD Distributors, Inc

(BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Distributor for Canada)

Judges (for Ai-Kon):

PLAMOD Distributors, Inc

Local Judges (will be made public later)

Judges (for Otakuthon):

PLAMOD Distributors, Inc

Gunpla Montreal GMTL (TBD)

Otakuthon (TBD)

Judges (for Online):

BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Department Judge




The following prizes will be given to each of the separate category winners from first to third place.


Local Prizes (TBD)


Plaque (It will be awarded at the World Championship)
GBWC 2019 World Championship entry qualification (Paid trip to the competition including accommodation*)



World Championship Open Category 1st place: GBWC 2019 gold trophy and prize.
World Championship Open Category 2nd place: GBWC 2019 silver trophy and prize.
World Championship Open Category 3rd place: GBWC 2019 bronze trophy and prize.

* Open category national competition winners will be awarded with a round trip to the World Championship competition in Japan, including travel and accommodation costs paid for by BANDAI.  BANDAI SPIRITS is not responsible for additional traveling costs other than the ones listed above.


  • To be eligible to enter in the competition, the entrant must reside in the same country where the competition is held at the time of entry.

  • The Grand Final will be held in Japan this December.

  • Participants are required to have a valid travel visa to Japan in order to participate in the GBWC Grand Finals in Japan. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.


  • The model must be created using plastic model original kits made by BANDAI.

  • Limit of one entry per person. (If both web and carry-in entries are available at your location, please choose only one)

  • The model must be made by the entrant.

  • One BANDAI NAMCO ID for one model are required.  If you wish to apply for another work as a family member, please obtain a BANDAI NAMCO ID.

  • If duplicate entries for GBWC official website and pro shop entry has been found, both entries will be invalid.

  • The model must be in dimensions no larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm. (19.68in x 19.68in x 19.68in)

  • For online entry, please limit image size to 4000 pixels.

  • A part which is made by 3D printer will not be judged.




  • Use of copied and counterfeit products, licensor unauthorized GUNDAM/GUNPLA accessory products are prohibited.

  • The contestant's work, description, and other details which are against any contest rules and regulations will disqualified from the contest without any prior notice. Judges or BANDAI SPIRITS  have the liberty to disqualify a participant on the spot if they see any discrepancies in the following of the rules.

  • BANDAI has the right to disqualify the entry or delete images from the website if the model is or may be considered any of the following:


  1. Work which is contrary to morality or public order.   

  2. Containing personal information.

  3. Propagating defamatory expressions toward certain persons or groups.

  4. Mimicking or copying of someone else's work.

  5. Infringing on a third-party's copyright.

  6. Being inappropriate and not consistent with the purpose of this competition.

  7. Using copied and counterfeit products, which are prohibited.

  8. The entry of a work which encroach or may encroach upon any third party's portrait rights, intellectual property rights such as copyright and any other rights are prohibited. (i.e.: No company logos, trademarks, or product lettering (etc.) may be used unless prior permission has been obtained from the rights holder).

  9. The entrant will be fully responsible for its settlement as well as any cost that may occur in the case of any disputes resulting from the submitted models.

  10. The entrants are also responsible for compensation of any damages to BANDAI SPIRITS, PLAMOD and/or the Third Parties.

  11. You may be disqualified from the World Championship if the work has been significantly altered or modified after winning the Web entry or the national competition. BANDAI reserves all the rights to its decision.

  12. Any advertising using the name of [GBWC] is not allowed.


  • Contestants who break any of the rules and regulations, the organizer has the right to proceed to a disqualification and collect all prizes that were rewarded.

  • The organizer will contact the contestant directly if an investigation is required.

  • If the contestant cannot be reached, the work will be forfeited.

  • During the investigation, contestants are required to send photos for more reference.

  • If the contestant is unable to provide the photos, the work will be forfeited.

  • The above contact may be sent to the e-mail address you have applied for.

  • Please adjust your email filters to accept mail from "" domain.

  • Contestants that use any copyrighted background/character that will damage a 3rd party’s brand may not be able to join the contest and will be asked to remove the content.

  • Contestants may need to seek for approval if they’re using any 3rd party’s background that they purchased online or found from any search engines.

  • Contestant is allowed to use their past work that took part in other contest, but contestant may need to seek approval from previous content organizer.


  • Submitted images of your work will not be returned.

  • For winning works of Web entry and the national competitions:

  • The work will be returned to you 12 to 18 months after the competition to allow evaluation by a jury, event display and photo shoots.

  • BANDAI SPIRITS / PLAMOD will not pay for any rental/withholding fee for this period.

  • Please keep your work for one year after we return it to you.

  • Winning works may be asked to be displayed at future events, etc.

  • BANDAI SPIRITS / PLAMOD is not responsible for any traveling costs associated with the personal collection of your work.

  • Non-winning works will be returned after judging.

  • BANDAI SPIRITS / PLAMOD will not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss occurring during shipping. The organizer will be extremely careful while handling your work, but we cannot fully guarantee its safety.


  • By entering, contestants agree to BANDAI and others companies who are appointed by BANDAI (us) to use submitted works (photograph, title, comments, winning models' images taken by the organizer, images which were sent to the organizer for the final judging and actual winning pieces) for the purposes listed below.

  • Contestants also agree to let the organizer decide whether to release entrants' name, age, area of residency (states, prefecture and or equivalent to it) as well as other information regarding the entrants.

    • Publishing in BANDAI Hobby website, GUNDAM.INFO, other websites and publications (including domestic/international TVCM) which are operated/created by us.

    • Publishing in mediums such as hobby magazines.

    • Displaying at various events.

    • Publishing in other forms for the purpose of promoting this competition and Gunpla.

  • Contestants allow the organizer to alter their images by adjusting colors, cropping, correcting typographical errors in comments and title, editing comments, etc. for the purposes listed above.

  • The organizer will be extremely careful while handling your work, but we cannot fully guarantee its original condition upon return.


  • By entering the competition, entrants let BANDAI / PLAMOD use their personal information for the reasons listed below.

    • Managing entries for this competition.

    • Contacting entrants to verify and/or to inform winning announcements as well as inquiry correspondence.

    • Displaying the submitted work with the contestant's name etc., as well as other purposes for using works.

  • We will not share a contestant's private information with third parties without the entrants' agreement, except under conditions that are necessary to fulfill legal obligations and to use for publications and other usages that are listed on the official rules.


  • Please follow the instructions to submit an entry via the HobbySite page. Please upload three images of your model via Website entry form. All the images must follow the criterias listed below.

    Image 1 (front view): Front facing image of the model.
    Image 2 (back view): Back facing image of the model.
    Image 3 (supplementary picture): Selling point of the model.


  • All images must be 2MB or smaller and in JPEG format limited to 4000 pixels (W/H).

  • Please make sure that the images are of good quality. Entries with low quality images may be disqualified.

  • Contestants are fully responsible for any cost for internet access and data fees used to submit their entry.

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