Congratulations  to:

Nicolás Tejada

Who has been selected as the GBWC 2019

Canadian representative!

1st place


Nicolas Tejada, a Colombian Canadian, is a graphic designer, scale model builder, and a huge fan of star wars and horror movies.


Nicolas is new to the hobby but has embraced it with passion and is always trying to learn new things from each project.


"..I have found amazing support among the gunpla community and for that I’m very grateful..." ~ Nicolás Tejada

2nd place

jet tang.jpg

Jet is a marketing officer and a big fan of handcraft. He started building Gunpla in 2012 and has continued to build since then.

"Color mixing is my favorite style. Thanks GBWC to provide us a platform to show our artworks and I do appreciate my wife and friends to support me all the way." ~ Jet Tang  

3rd place

howff qi.jpg

Howff is a college student from Vancouver, British Columbia who built model kits from a young age.He finds himself fortunate to have a great local community that gave me a reason to build and persuaded him to think more critically on why he builds.


"For the people just getting into the hobby, it will feel overwhelming to understand everything at first. Set a goal that is obtainable, and don't forget to have fun along the way." ~ Howff Qi